On Sunday afternoon, 6 June 2010, a small group of interested persons visited the place where John Batman is assumed to have met with native chiefs at the Merri Creek, Northcote in 1835.

[Batman Treaty Site]

175th Anniversary Meeting at Merri Creek, 6 June 2010.

The Port Phillip Pioneers Group was represented by Barbara Hawkins and Alexander Romanov-Hughes. Also present were local historians Rex Harcourt and Fred Bruton, Fiona Richardson, MP, and a group of local residents interested in caring for the site. Wurundjeri elder, Ian Hunter made an earlier visit.

[Ian Hunter at Treaty Site]

Two days later, on Tuesday 8 June 2010, Fiona Richardson MP made a speech in the Victorian State Parliament to mark the event.

[Speech in State Parliament]

This was followed by an article and photo in the local "Northcote Leader" newspaper of 16 June 2010. (Article reprinted courtesy of Nick Miller, Leader Community Newspapers)

[Northcote Leader]

[Northcote Leader]

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