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Joseph William Hooson - "Blatherum"
Thank You to Retiring Office Bearers - 2020
Melbourne's Planned Ship Canal
Rev. John Wroe - Founder of the Christian Israelites
Archaeological Digs in Melbourne
The February 2020 Forum
Lester Stephen's Register of Pioneers
John Wheeler - My Almost Forgotten Great-Great-Great-Uncle
Batman's Treaty - The True Story
Point Henry - An Amazing Place
German Migration to the Port Phillip District
Michael Hogan and the Two Gum Trees
An Interest in History? (Researching Thomas Halfpenny)
James Bowie Kirk and His Horse Bazaar
Michael Cashmore and the Solomon Family
"Duke of Portland" ( Ship, 533 tons )
Victorian Association of Family History Organisations (VAFHO)
John Aitken of Mount Aitken
The Wesleyan Methodist Church in Melbourne
Finding Your Ancestor in Melbourne in the 1840s
Indigenous People of Barfold
Joseph Pittman - Stationer and Artist
John & Eliza Batman and Captain Charles Swanston
William Willis - Sexton at St. James' Church
The Rev. Adam Compton Thomson - Minister of St. James' Church During 1840s
Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden
Microfiche: Cemetery Records and More
The Mysterious Henry Elgar and His Special Survey
Vale - Michael Grogan
Edward Waghorn
Lieutenant Charles Forrest, 35th Royal Sussex Regiment
The Life of Charles Ebden & Black Rock House
Old Melbourne Cemetery Update
"The Saga"
Salt & Pepper and Princes Bridge
Merino Fleece
John Muston - A Forgotten Pioneer
St. James Old Cathedral Annual Pioneer Service 2017
Edmund Steel of Point Henry and Jan Juc
Richmond in the 1840s
"Your Money or Your Life"
Rev. Moses Rintel - Melbourne's First Rabbi
John Pascoe Fawkner
Newtown (Fitzroy) in the 1840s
Robert Hoddle's Early Survey Team
An Early Elizabeth Street Flood
Old Melbourne Cemetery - RIP
The Mantons of Port Phillip
Glen Eira - Warts and All
Port Phillip Pioneer Register
Victoria's First Printing Presses
Charles Joseph La Trobe's Cottage
The Flagstaff Gardens
Richard Charlton Hedditch of "Lal Lal"
Mornington Peninsular Postcards Travelling Exhibition
Where is Family History Research Going?
Some Early Military Deaths in Melbourne
The Foundation of Melbourne
"The Long Farewell"
Old Melbourne Cemetery
A Personal View of Andrew McCrae
Barfold Gorge
The Port Phillip District & the Establishment of the State of Victoria - Part 4
Charles Joseph La Trobe - 'The Man'
Marriage of Daughter of Rev. John Cheyne
The Curr Sisters
The Port Phillip District & the Establishment of the State of Victoria - Part 3
Rev. John Allen - Pioneer of Melbourne's Gas Supply
Following the Footsteps of Batman
Captain John Eddington of "Ballingeich"
The History of the City Mission
The Old Melbourne Cemetery 1837-1922
Michael Dawson: A Man of Property
The Highlands and Islands Emigration Society
First Punt Across the Yarra
The Port Phillip District & the Establishment of the State of Victoria - Part 2
The First Post Office, Melbourne
Commemorating the Port Phillip Pioneers - an Historian's Point of View
Simon Straughton - Port Phillip Pioneer
"The Argus" Newspaper
"What Was the Lady's Maiden Name?"
Isaac Selby and the Old Melbourne Cemetery
The Port Phillip District & the Establishment of the State of Victoria - Part 1
Andrew MacNaughton - Geelong's First Publican
Demonstration and Talk on Magic Lanterns
Melbourne Traders' Tokens - 1848 and 1858
Backhouse & Walker - Quaker Missionaries
Vale - Trevor John Hart
Three Women of Williamstown
Overseas Shipping to Port Phillip 1839
PPPG Newsletter No. 1
"The Mystery" Voyage 1854 - 1855
Lament for a Convict!
History of Echuca & Moama
The Origins of Kilmore - Victoria's First Inland Town
Early Melbourne
Black Thursday, 6th February 1851
The Cultural Diversity of the Rioting Irish in Melbourne 1843
Adolphus Goldsmith, Pastoralist of "Trawallo"
Nothing Like a Primary Source
Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry
PPPG Visit to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria
"Letters from Victorian Pioneers"
PROV Early Records - Indexing, Digitising and Accessing Records
The Great Ocean Road: Who Built It?
Isaac Lazarus Lincoln - Tailor and Draper
Alfred Felton and the Felton Bequest
"Port Phillip Adventurers"
John Moon Bryant of "Royal Terrace", Fitzroy
Captain Henry Lawler - My Ancestor
John Beswicke (1847 - 1925) - Heritage Architect
Boroondara Cemetery CD
The Landscape of 19th Century Melbourne
Billis & Kenyon - Pioneer Pastoral Historians
Charles Jones
Two Squatters - A Poor Surgeon and a Rich Lunatic
Vale - Lester Roy Stephen
Pioneers on the Internet
Dr. Edmund Charles Hobson, M.D.
Vale - Marie Teresa Orr
Development of Melbourne's Sewaerage System
Captain Gildon Manton of The Yacht "Lady of St. Kilda"
The Yacht "Lady of St. Kilda"
Vale - Donald Ernest Cameron Charlwood, OAM
AIGS - Resources for Family History Research
The Old Colonists' Loyal Address
Give us this Day Our Daily Bread - Millers and Mills in Port Phillip
'Archival Access Victoria'
Samuel Hawkings and the Porcupine Inn
A Saint in the Slums - Social Reformers of Old Melbourne
Melbourne's Botanic Gardens
Charles Grimes Plaque
St. Andrew's Brighton - Historic Graveyard
Traditional Aboriginal Culture in the Melbourne Area
Rev. Andrew Love - Presbyterian Minister, Geelong
Yan Yean Water Supply System
Portland - "The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Anything but the Truth"
"Beginnings" - Book Review
Thomas Foster Chuck - Photographer
A Pioneer Grandmother
George Mackillop - Melbourne's Mystery Man
Brighton Cemetery - "Not Just a Lot of Old Bones"
Brick Walls and Dead Ends
Mountain Cattlemen
Vale - Ken Smith, OAM
The "Childe Harold" Incident 1838
Freemasons, Rechabites, and Oddfellows
"Prophecies of Mother Shipton"
La Trobe's Cottage, Melbourne
Rev. John Ham - Melbourne's First Baptist Minister
Mary-Jane Markham and Sacred Heart College, Geelong
Researching Your Pioneer Ancestor
Batman Treaty - 175th Anniversary
Port Phillip Pioneers Group - 40th Birthday Celebration
William Overton - An Enterprising Baker
Mary McKillop - The Saintly Port Phillip Pioneer
Governess to the Mad Count of Mordialloc
The "Alma Doepel" - Tall Ships and Youth Training
Fourteen Generations
Beyond the Facade - Flinders Street Station
Pioneer Arrivals - A Poem
Gippsland's White Woman
Daughter of a Pioneer
Royal Exhibition Buildings
Melbourne's Water Supply
A Marriage in the Port Phillip District
The Sacking of Judge Willis
Rev. James Forbes - Presbyterian Minister
The Kerrs - Scottish Immigrants to Victoria
The Great Ocean Road
Rev. Thomas Hastie - Presbyterian Minister
Ian Collings and his Postcard Collection
David Sharp - My Favourite Ancestor
Dating Photos by Costume
Dr. John McNaughton
Female Migration from UK to Australia
The Port Phillip Games
Timothy Lane - My Favourite Ancestor
Old Melbourne Newspapers
"Black Thursday" Bushfires 1851
The Melbourne Story
William Buckley - A Skilful Survivor
West Melbourne Presbyterian
Sand, Sea and Money Making - Brighton in the 1840's
Samuel Jabez Pickersgill
Cambridgeshire Assisted Emigration
Convicts or Pirates?
State Library Manuscripts and the Fawkner Diaries
Robert Dodd - Ship's Carpenter
The Victorian History Library at Prahran Mechanics Institute
Old Colonist Festivities
Graham Berry, M.L.A. - Premier of Victoria
Y-DNA Matching
Clara Ellen Hall - "Old Gran Treacy"
Thomas Millar from Lasswade, Scotland
James Bonwick
David and Alexina Duncan
Agnes Buntine - White Mother of Gippsland
James, Christian, Lauchlan and John McNaughton
Rev. Edward Gifford Pryce - Gippsland's Itinerant Minister
Computers and Family History
Thomas Napier
Alexander McGregor - The Story of His Journal
Thomas Rea - Gunsmith and Balloonist
Alexander Brunton
The Exiles - A Different Class of Victorian
Early Melbourne Suburbs
William Wareham - Swing Rioter
A Tale of Two Sisters
Governor Bourke & the Founding of the Port Phillip District
Amphitheatre - A Potted History
The Pentonvillians
Samuel Sherlock and William Higgins - Two Pioneers
The Outer Circle Railway
Winifred Jane Nealis
Melbourne's Roads & Streets
Become a Living Ancestor - Leave Your Memories Behind
Bearbrass - Imagining Early Melbourne
Probate Records
Early Melbourne Architecture
In Search of Mark Coleman
Cabbage Tree Hats
Female Migration to Australia 1833-1837
Baby Farming and the Infant Life Protection Act
Records of Early Policing in Victoria
Victoria's Early Church Records CD
Fr. Patrick Bonaventure Geoghegan - Roman Catholic Priest
The Taking of the 1841 Census
Melbourne Place Names
Jeremiah Coffee - 22 Years On
Sorrento Commemoration Report
Prelude to Eureka
The Barque "Lady Kennaway"
Dating Family Photographs
Batman Treaty Memorial Located
Unearthing the Secrets of "Little Lon"
Georgiana McCrae's Journal
Patrick Costello's Pioneering Experiences
Rev. John Davies Mereweather - Church of England Minister
Lighthouse at Hobson's Bay, Port Phillip
Eliza Fawkner - A Founding Mother of Melbourne
Melbourne Foundation Day Committee
Captain John Martin Ardlie, H.E.I.C.S. & His Camels
Melbourne circa 1853 - 1860
Samuel & Maria McMillan
Port Phillip Clergy - The Rev. Peter Gunn
Treasures at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Publican's Licences - 1841
The Sunbury Industrial School
Charles Joseph Latrobe - Superintendent of the Port Phillip District
Pioneer Memorials
The Wreck of the "Isabella"
Researching & Publishing a Family History
The Records of William Alfred Hall
Sorrento - The 200th Anniversary
The Commission of David Collins
Sources and Records for Research
Rev. Andrew Mitchell Ramsay - Presbyterian Minister
Death of a Child in Early Melbourne
Port Phillip Photographers
Point Henry
Rev. William Waterfield's Diaries
Early Newspapers
Incorporation of the Town of Melbourne
1839 Directory of the Port Phillip District
The Old Melbourne Cemetery
Southern Invasion, Northern Conquest
Early Church Records
Deaths by Drowning
It's a Small World
"Rupertswood" & the Clarke Family
On the Origins of the Batman Family
First Cab at Geelong Gained Notoriety
Edmund Davis Ferguson - Our First Horse Doctor
Port Phillip before Separation
She Arrived With a Bang
Female Prisoners in the 19th Century
The Long Farewell - Shipboard Diaries
Edward Curr - The Father of Separation
John Batman and the Foundation of Melbourne
Port Phillip Insolvencies
Who Did Henry Marry?
An Early Birth at Port Phillip
Peter Hunter - Master of the "Enterprise"
The Abduction of Anne Jane Woods
Drowned in the Yarra
William Trotman
Melbourne - Sydney Rivalry
Faithful Massacre
William Bowman - Pioneer Settler
The Royal Visit

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